Alise Tipse is an artist born in Latvia but has lived in Yorkshire in England for most of her life. Currently located in Edinburgh, Scotland, Alise is studying at the Edinburgh College of Art. Alise recognizes the importance of exploration and flexibility in the creation of art. Working on illustration, painting, design, and fashion, Alise draws inspiration from many fields. Influence in her work is mainly from myths, religion, traditions, literature, cinema, and fashion.




2018- FACE Collective- Fashion event- Organizer and contributor

2018- 100 Years of Voting Women- Exhibition

2018- APH Launch Night- Exhibition

2018- Glenrothes Festival- Art commission

2017-The Bottle Imp by Robert Louise Stevenson-  Art Commission

2017- Kuldiga Exhibition, Fashion Show, Latvia- Exhibition

2017- Light Reading- Exhibition

2017- Combat Magazine- Art Commission

2016- Edinburgh Botanical Gardens- Exhibition


2016- Random Spectacular 'The Lumber Room' St Jude’s-  Art commission

2016- Park Street Foundation- Exhibition

2015- Unknown Collective/Inside-out- Exhibition